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    But we didn't know what that something was.....yet.

    J-D Ranch Texas San Antonio area wedding venue

    A little about us.....and Dunlap Ranch... Mitch and I met back in high school. He was my first boyfriend. We had spent a lot of time out on his family ranch, so we decided to get married out here. We loved the place so much, that we decided to move out here. We still loved it so much, we decided to find a way to work out here. We love it so, so much, that we had to share it with others. We picked the most scenic spot we could find and J-D Ranch Texas was born. This land has been in the Dunlap family for over 100 years. You won't be celebrating on just a piece of land, you will be making history with us.

    J-D Ranch Texas San Antonio area wedding venue

    As we have dreamed and created and begun to build the wedding venue, we see it coming to life. Our vision was that it would look like it has always been there waiting to be revealed. Like it just came up and out of the ground. A beautiful place to be able to take in the breathtaking view of the Texas hill country.

    J-D Ranch Texas San Antonio area wedding venue

    Our dream for you is that you have an experience like we did over 10 years ago when we got married right here on this land with the wedding of our dreams. We literally customized it to our vision, and it was awesome! You can leave it as it is and let the nature do the decorating, or you can bring in decor that expresses you and yours new life together. The canvas is yours.

  • We can't wait to meet you and see what you create for your wedding, one of the most important, exciting days of your life.

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